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Chili Bob's History

When you live on the shores of the Great lakes, winters can make you long for those warm summer days.  Let’s face it, sometimes you just turn into a real “mean mother”!  So I developed a warm-your-heart chili mix to get you through. In the process of inventing the Mean Mother recipe I got a reputation for trying all kinds of concoction of spices and having people try all types of different recipes. Upon completion of the mean mother chili mix recipe people started asking for different blends of spices to match there personal tastes and likes so I continued to experiment and blend , next thing I knew I had a complete line of gourmet spices and rubs which can be used for a broad range of things. They go great on fish, steaks, pork chops, roasts, burgers and even salads to using them in dips and spreads. You will find that they will soon become a staple in your everyday cooking , see our recipes page for a variety of suggestions. So don’t wait get out your pots, pans and grills and get a new outlook on cooking!